About IC4

Based in Columbia, MD, the Intelligence Community Civilians and Contractors for Charity (IC4) runs fundraisers to support the military and government contracting community in the Maryland, D.C., and Virginia corridor. The events team is chaired by a group of volunteers committed to supporting treatment for and research around PTSD and other worthwhile causes. The IC4 was founded by BTS Software Solutions CEO David W. Tohn and COO Dan Cummings, Tailored Access, LLC President & Owner Brian L. Dahlheimer, Cymertek Corporation President & CEO Jason Freedman, and Rebel Haiku CEO Jon Barnes.

The IC4 Founders’ focus on PTSD treatment is born out of their decades of service to national security, whether in uniform or as defense contractors. “The hidden wounds of war are a tragic consequence of brave people serving the nation,” said Tailored Access President Brian Dahlheimer. “We wanted to add our weight to that effort as part of our commitment to service. Headstrong was an easy choice to partner with – their model and vision for providing treatment at no cost and with a low administrative burden were impressive. Their record is even more impressive.”

In partnership with Headstrong Executive Director Jim McDonough, IC4 wanted to take the support even further. As Cymertek CEO Jason Freedman noted, “Normally when people think about those suffering from PTSD, they think about the military and first responders. We know from personal experience that many times the contractor workforce is subject to the same events and conditions as their uniformed partners. They carry similar risks of suffering PTSD, but their company’s medical coverage may or may not be suitably equipped to provide appropriate treatment. Headstrong agreed and one of our goals in raising funds is to extend support to the “Green Badge” community.”

“Everyone does a golf tournament of some kind,” said BTS CEO David Tohn. “But we wanted to widen the audience, loosen things up, and have some fun doing something different for a cause we truly believed in.”

With this idea in mind, a new event was born: The MiniGolf4Good Tournament. Born from the brainstorming of BTS and community partners at Cymertek, Tailored Access, and Rebel Haiku, a charity was organized to put on the Intelligence Community’s first-of-its-kind mini-golf tournament to coincide with 2021’s PTSD Awareness Day (June 27).
The charity’s name? IC4. The meaning? “Intelligence Community Civilians and Contractors for Charity.” The concept? Bringing GovCon and IC partners together with our “blue badge brethren” to boost Headstrong’s efforts to bring their services into the government contracting and intel community.

Fast forward 11 months, add some sunshine, Mission BBQ, trophies, putters, and pilsners and the first ever Mini-Golf Tournament 4 Good was officially in the books!


About Headstrong

Founded in 2012, Headstrong provides confidential, cost-free and bureaucracy-free mental healthcare treatment for military veterans and their families. Headstrong currently offers effective, individually-tailored and comprehensive in-person and telehealth treatment programs for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other related military trauma within 12 states and 28 markets. Treating approximately 1,800 veterans with more than 68,000 clinical sessions, Headstrong is well on its way to become the national mental health treatment practice of choice for America’s military connected families.

Today, Headstrong is one of the nation’s leading mental health care providers for military veterans and their families. They have developed a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive treatment program for veterans addressing conditions like PTSD, anxiety, depression, anger management and more. Treatment is individually tailored and not time-limited to ensure no mind is left behind.

“Our partnership with the Intelligence Community Civilians and Contractors for Charity (IC4) reflects the best this country offers, neighbors helping neighbors do the right thing. Doing the right thing in Headstrong ‘speak’ means healing the hidden wounds of war amongst those who served, and IC4 charity is one of those special organizations that fuels our mission, and we are thankful for their support.” – Colonel (US Army, Ret.) Jim McDonough, Executive Director, Headstrong

Headstrong’s mission is to heal the hidden wounds of war by providing confidential, barrier-free and stigma-free mental health treatment at no expense. Every day Headstrong serves active-duty service members, members of the National Guard and Reserve, veterans, and their families. Individuals are eligible regardless of service era, discharge status, or combat exposure.

Learn more about Headstrong on their website.

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